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How good would it feel to finally build the body you want?


Online Coaching

from Fit Media

Over 1,000,000 people train with us on YouTube.

Now our trainers are available 1-1 to help you achieve your own personal transformation.

  • A named and dedicated Personal Transformation Coach who will guide you every step of the way
  • Customised exercise and nutrition plans that fit your goals and adjust over time
  • Peace of mind that you’re doing the right things to get the best results

With a Personal Transformation Coach from Fit Media, we remove all the guesswork and focus on building a customised program that works for you.

Custom Nutrition Plan

You’ll get a very clear Custom Nutrition Plan that details what to eat and when. And because your Personal Transformation Coach has gotten to know your current eating habits and preferences, your plan will be tailored specifically to you. You won’t be left guessing what you can and can’t eat with general principles. Everything will be custom for you.

Custom Exercise Program

Everyone is different, which is why your Custom Exercise Program will be designed just for you by your Personal Transformation Coach. It will tell you what exercise you should do and when. From weight training and cardio to circuits and rest days, your bespoke Exercise Program will fit your schedule and be tailored to your goals.

Ongoing Adjustments

As you hit your objectives and set new goals, your Personal Transformation Coach will be waiting with the right adjustments to your Nutrition Plan and Exercise Program to take you to the next level.

Direct Email

Not sure about something? Want to try something different? No problem at all – just email your Personal Transformation Coach directly with any questions you have. No forms or systems to use, just drop an email and they’ll get back to you, usually within a few hours.

Amazing Value For Money

Unlike a traditional personal trainer that you have to pay for by the hour, your monthly fee to our Online Coaching service gives you direct access to your Personal Transformation Coach who will get to know you and your lifestyle. Together, you’ll develop a customised Nutrition Plan and Exercise Program that works for you and gets results.

Fit Media is one of the most trusted fitness channels on YouTube, inspiring people for over 10 years.

Do I need an online coach?

There’s so much information available about health and fitness that you may wonder why most people still struggle to get the body they want.

In our experience, the top three reasons why people miss their fitness goals are:

  1. Trying to figure everything out themselves with no one trustworthy to check with
  2. Not having someone to push them or keep them accountable
  3. Using general information rather than something that’s tailored to their needs

Getting a Personal Transformation Coach from Fit Media can fix all these issues.

Think how good it will feel when you:

  • Have someone in your corner that knows what works for you
  • Have a plan that is clear and specific for you
  • Start seeing results and feel motivated to train harder

That’s what a Personal Transformation Coach will deliver and we feel confident that ours are experts that truly care about delivering long-lasting results.

Why work with Fit Media?

Over the last ten years, Fit Media has become one of the most trusted online brands in fitness, inspiring millions through our YouTube channel. With over one million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views, our videos inspire, instruct and empower workouts every day around the world.

This decade of experience has seen us work with some of the most well-respected fitness experts. Now, for the first time, you can tap into our extensive network of trainers on a 1-1 basis. Each of our Personal Transformation Coaches have been specially selected based on their skill and experience in delivering incredible transformation results for their clients. They’re waiting to start helping you achieve your best ever results too.

You need to put in the work

Just to be clear about one thing – we cannot do all the work for you! You Personal Transformation Coach will take away the guesswork, they’ll push you to exceed your goals and give you all the support you need. But someone must do the exercise and stick to the nutrition plan – and that someone is you.

You must be motivated to get the most out of this. You will need to be dedicated, disciplined and focussed.

We can’t guarantee you amazing results because so much depends on you. But we can guarantee that you’ll receive a world-class service from one of the very best Personal Transformation Coaches and that they’ll be there when you need them, with all the information you need to get results like never before.

Ready to get started?


One time fee includes:
Initial consultation
First month coaching
Custom nutrition plan
Custom exercise program

Followed by
Weekly check-ins
Unlimited direct email
Ongoing adjustments

Where will you be one year from now?

If you’ve been trying different things but not been getting the result you need. Or perhaps you’ve had some success but progress has slowed. Then now is the time to do something about it.

Whether you struggle to stay consistent, jump from one diet to another, aren’t sure where to begin or what to do next, our Personal Transformation Coaches can help.

One year from now, we want you to be fitter, stronger and healthier.

We’ll take away the stress, give you a fully personalised plan and help you get the body you want and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most online coaching services use generic workouts and diet plans. That means you’re paying a premium for something very basic. But at Fit Media, we understand that to get the best results, you need a plan tailored to you. That’s why every nutrition plan and exercise program is custom made.
100% customised. We don’t use any automated software or send you a generic plan. Instead, your Personal Transformation Coach will get to know you and devise a plan that’s going to be the most effective.
To get the best results, your coach will be in touch with you at least once per week. However, if you have a question, you can email them any time.
The short answer is that it lasts as long as you want. That said, our focus is to help you achieve long-term results, so we recommend that you plan on a minimum six-month period. We charge you on a monthly basis to give you the flexibility, but we’re confident that once you achieve your first goals, you’ll want to push yourself further and your Personal Transformation Coach will be ready to help you get there.
There’s no minimum commitment and yes, you can cancel any time. But to get the best results, we recommend that you plan to work with your coach for at least six months. We don’t enforce this or make you pay up front. But we’re here to help you achieve long-term results and we’re certain that you’ll achieve more when you have a Personal Transformation Coach from Fit Media working with you.
First, we’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete, telling us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to achieve. Once we get that information from you, your Personal Transformation Coach will be in touch to introduce themselves and begin working on your customised plan. You can expect to receive that around five days after you send us your information.

Contact us

We’re here to help you, so get in touch any time you have a question.

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If you need to cancel, we hope you'll contact us first to discuss your future objectives. Email us at the address above or cancel here.

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