Do you want to build a bigger, more aesthetic chest in just 10 weeks?

  • Full 76 page PDF eBook to guide you through a 10-week chest transformation
  • Complete workout structure for every workout, showing you every set and rep
  • Detailed exercise guide explaining how to perform each exercise and why
  • Fits in to your existing training schedule
  • Immediate download and ready to read on any device

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Full 76 page PDF eBook
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Improving your chest development is going to significantly better your entire physique.

Transformations don't happen overnight. But if you're prepared to put in the work, we are confident that this 10 week plan will leave you with a bigger and more aesthetic chest.

Fit Media Channel is YouTube's leading independent fitness channel. With almost 1.3 million subscribers and millions of views a month, we know what an aesthetic chest looks like. We also know what it takes to train effectively to maximize your chest growth.

With this 10-week plan, you can add significant size to your chest and make real progress towards a more aesthetic physique.


If you order now, you can get started today. The eBook will be available for immediate download after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're getting access to the full 76 page eBook which guides you through an intense 10-week chest transformation. It contains details about every workout you need to do, every exercise, every set and every rep. There are also detailed explanations about how to do every exercise and why you're doing them.
You can view on all devices - your phone, tablet, laptop etc. It's delieverd as a PDF to your email address so you can download it to the device you prefer.
You will instantly get access to a secure link to download the eBook. We'll also email the links to you so you can download them when it's convenient for you.
It's for anyone who wants to develop a bigger, more aesthetic chest. It begins with the basics - making sure your form and technique are correct and really developing your mind-muscle connection. As it progresses, the workouts become more challenging, we introduce some advanced techniques, and you'll need to gradually increase the weights you're using in order to get maximum results. If you're a total beginner, the detailed explanations and photos for every exercise will help you get started on the right path. If you've been training for a while, this eBook will give you renewed structure and a real focus on growing your chest.
No. Of course, you will need a gym membership, but we've specifically designed the plan to work with the most common gym equipment.
There are many apps you can use, but sometimes the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper is the best. That's why, in addition to the full eBook, you also get a separate Training Log document. You can print it out and take it to the gym with you. It's specifically designed for this plan, so all of the exercises, sets and reps are pre-filled. You just need to add your own personal notes as you complete the workouts.
The plan varies between training chest once or twice per week. You need to factor this in to your training schedule.

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